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In this project we designed and coded a microsite in Brutalist UX style. The site was created to host video and photo content our team created over a 7 week period in the Netherlands.


Amy Truong, Armina Fouroghi, Cheryl Chan, Chris Samuel, Esther Park, Kae Ngo, Kaveh Hastroudi, Malcolm Kutar, Robbie Subullen, Sumeet Anand, Samantha Slinn, Wendi Ma


front-end development, ux, visual design, cinematography


project background

DutchDesign is a 7 week field study with a focus in design and culture within the Netherlands. The school was conducted across 7 cities in 3 different countries, distilled down into 16 studio interviews and experimental ineractive photography.

the interface

This part is interactive so have a click around

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important journey moments

The image below shows the specific pages I worked on within the site (in ux, visual design and development phases). Most of the important ux/interaction moments that I worked on happen in the video page notated below.

be above the fold

The main element of the page is the video player, so we opted to place it at the very top of the page. It was also important to code it in such a way that the video was responsively resized with the page. The visual design of the player separated the video progress bar from the video which created a challenge on how best to code it. We made the decision to code the progress bar in such a way that it was always above the fold of the page, no matter the window height or width.

The video and it's borders respond to always keep the entire player above the fold

hover states and cursors

The image stack (carousel) animates-in when the page hits a scroll target to draw attention to it's interactivity. The cursor also changes to hit to the user that there might be something to click.

Hover states are used throughout the site to reveal content to help guide the user through the site experience.

Clicking through an image carousel

site recognition

The site was featured on brutalistwebsites.com

visit brutalistwebsites.com >

The dutchDesign2017 team

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